Transforming organizations by transforming their people. 

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Meg Poag 

Meg is a visionary, proven leader in both local and national arenas, passionate about empowering other leaders to drive change, get better results, and solve organizations’ most complex problems. Meg integrates her personal success as an executive with her passion and talent for transforming other leaders to achieve a track-record of successful executive clients and organizational leaders in non-profit and for-profit sectors. Meg loves sparking transformation and inspiring other leaders through her work with clients, writing, University teaching, and speaking engagements at national conferences and gatherings of leaders. 

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George Bonelli

George is an experienced CEO, entrepreneur, business owner, and enterprise leader who drives mission impact. George has provided his rich knowledge of leadership, strategic planning, entrepreneurial and global perspectives to transform organizations and excel in his passion for coaching other leaders. George has been recognized for his work in technology organizations, start-ups, consulting and other business settings. These experiences have sharpened his interests in leadership, inclusion, sustainability, research, and public

Managing Partners 


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"The problems of the world cannot be solved with the same type of thinking that created them."

                                      Albert Einstein 

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  • Dramatic improvements in employee morale and engagement 
  • Flipping monthly financial losses to monthly profit
  • Reduced unwanted employee attrition
  • Transforming supervisors from ‘making people want to quit’, to bringing out the best in their team members.
  • Reduced errors in production and increased efficiency

We teach a new model of leadership to help leaders design collaborative, nimble organizations where each person is a contributing partner.

Leaders must embrace a new paradigm from which they operate.  Moving from the traditional "directing, prodding and doing" to developing and true empowerment. This requires us to act from positive beliefs about people and situations. 

We employ sustained skill-building to empower the leadership in individuals, with an inspired vision for the future.

Everyone can lead.  Becoming a leader who is effective can feel daunting. Adults need sustained, spaced repetition of concepts combined with practical application and self-awareness to master new skills.  There must be a clear vision and plan in place that values the person and supports their development. 


We boldly assess and redesign the organization to support the transformation and high performance of its people. 

People want to feel like they are making a contribution.  The organization must be designed in a way that values individual contributions and fosters purpose, master and autonomy.  Leaders must have a clear, widely understood vision and strategy to create an environment where people thrive, and thus the organization thrives. 





Philosophy & Core Beliefs

Listen to Meg on the High Performance Leadership Podcast

Meg talked about the 5 Leadership Roles and about her experience leading non-profit organizations on the
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About Mission Squared

We are an organizational development
consulting firm that helps small to medium-sized organizations maximize their impact
by transforming the workplace in to a mission-aligned, fulfilling place to work. We change the
way work is organized and empower the people who do it.

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